Mutmachleute Civic Foundation Starnberg

The citizens’ foundation in the district of Starnberg has supported the Mutmachleute e.V. with a generous donation of money.

Thank you on behalf of the #Mutmachleute team!

The eco-printing company Ulenspiegel supports the Mutmachleute e.V. with the printing of all business papers and items.

Thank you all for this valuable support!

Kreissparkasse Starnberg

The Kreissparkasse Starnberg Munich has financed the production of our beautiful merchandise.

Thank you very much for this wonderful support to get our message to the public!

VRBank Starnberg

The VR-Bank Starnberg helped us with a start-up financing.

The #Mutmachleute say: Thank you!

Post pharmacy Starnberg

A big thank you for his donation to Dr. Michael Kandler from the Postapotheke Starnberg!

Costablanca Immobilien are a member of the Support Group of Mutmachleute e.V. and regularly support our work.

A heartfelt thank you to the management!

Physiotherapy Markus Funk

The occupational and physiotherapy practice Markus Funk supports the #Mutmachleute with a generous donation.

Thanks to Markus!

In addition to donations in cash and in kind, we offer our support group to people and companies who want to support us on a permanent basis.

This does not result in the acquisition of membership with the associated rights and obligations and, unlike membership, there is no obligation to pay membership fees.

The support group is an important aspect in the planning of our activities.

easyVerein supports us as a non-profit association with 50 discount on the management software.

Funded by AOK Bayern: Within the scope of this funding, the non-profit association can finance the IT, hosting and other external costs for the new online forum for self-help.