Jessy Mutmachleute

My partner, Rapid Cycling and I … a coexistence with the bipolar premier class.

Family member: Jessy
Vintage: 1988
Relatives of: a sufferer with bipolar disorder
Offers of help: The book “Life with Bipolar Disorders” by Peter Bräunig, conversations with doctors
Resources: Long walks and intense self-reflective conversations


How did you learn about your partner’s malfunction? What was your first reaction?

As far as our psyche is concerned, we have both been honest with each other from the beginning and that is also the most important thing, because this is the only way to really help as a family member.

My first reaction was, of course, marked by ignorance, which my friend was able to quickly convert into knowledge by answering my questions and the book recommendation “Life with bipolar disorders by Peter Bräunig”, so that I am now ready to help him in the event of a crisis.


Why would you like to encourage other relatives?

Because we relatives still have the problem of not being “taken seriously” by society.


What helped you most to deal with your loved one’s diagnosis? What offers of help for relatives do you use?

It really helped me to talk about it for a long time with both my partner and his doctors, as well as to get information about the German Society for Bipolar Disorders.


From what do you draw new strength for yourself personally, in moments when you feel weak?

Music… For me, music is my retreat and sometimes even the only way to put my thoughts and feelings into words.


How can you help your loved one in difficult situations and crises?

Reflection talks, and if all goes well, then his doctor is on the phone at the hospital to give advice. This is precisely what is important and necessary in crisis situations.


What do you want from your loved one?

That he never gives up and never loses his smile.


What do you value most about your loved one?

My partner is extremely loving, honest, humorous, creative and he manages to make me smile in difficult situations.

Jessy has already published a contributor to the #Mutmachleuten.