Our mission. Anti-Stigma Work.


Mutmachleute e.V. is committed to destigmatizing mental illness through broad-based digital and analog anti-stigma work. By giving affected people and their relatives a voice and letting them show their faces, we take sides together for the concerns of people with mental challenges.
We show the public that mental illness is no reason to be ashamed or to hide it. Here, people show their faces, here they raise their voices – here they encourage others and stand up against the stigma.

Talking about a mental illness is a sign of courage and strength. By reporting on their mental challenges and showing their faces on our platform, courageous people encourage others and also show that it is worth facing one’s own fears and uncertainties. They prove to society that they are more than their diagnoses and how many people are affected or have relatives. Dealing with mental illness is an ongoing process, both personally and socially.

We can all make a contribution to social cohesion in a time of crisis. Only together can we develop awareness for destigmatizing mental illness.

Our anti-stigma work is unique: Because it comes from the middle of society and unfolds ever greater impact and success through education, openness and not least a lot of courage. Here we do not speak ABOUT people. Here, people speak for themselves.

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