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We all know it: a health problem, whether mental or physical, presents us with major or minor challenges. Not only us, but often also our relatives, our families, friends and not least our employers or colleagues.

What is often missing for recovery is the exchange between those affected who have a similar clinical picture. And this is where self-help comes into play, which is just as important as medical treatment. People who are affected by the same disability, physical illness or psychological or social problem, whether as sufferers themselves or as relatives, can benefit enormously from the experience and knowledge of others on an equal footing.

If we know that we are not alone with our challenges and problems and that we can exchange with others regarding their experiences and knowledge, we might dare to take a step towards joining a self-help group. Here, the goal is pursued together in regular meetings – in a confidential setting – to improve personal life circumstances. The common task is to support each other, to accompany each other and to find a common way to deal with the disease or disability. Self-help groups are a supplement to, but not the sole substitute for, professional help.


Mutmachleute Online Self-Help

Mutmachleute e.V. has developed an online self-help forum, sponsored by the German AOK association, which provides a digital and nationwide service. The forum is the digital and low-threshold counterpart to the classic self-help group on site.

With the latest technology and high requirements, we provide an excellent offer in terms of data protection. We offer three forms of exchange:

  • Communication between moderators (former sufferers) and users in a 1:1 conversation in a protected space.
  • Weekly or monthly self-help groups in a real-life chat room
  • Open forums