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Mental Health Ambassadors against Stigma

People with mental disorders don’t have any lobby.
The Project #Mutmachleute gives them a voice.
We show face.
We are here. And we are loud!

The consequences of stigmatization and discrimination are omnipresent for those affected and their relatives. Yet more than one third of the population in Germany is affected by a mental crisis or illness at least once in their lives.

We courage people cause a rethinking in the society, because mentally ill people have no lobby! We give them a voice so that they can step out of their shadowy existence.

We must be able to show ourselves in our diversity, with our challenges, messages and wishes. We must be able to show our faces and say: “This is me – and I am a person with sunny and dark sides just like you.”

Who is more courageous than people who show their face in public and talk about their challenges? Who if not affected people can encourage others to stand by themselves and put aside their shame, can show the path they have taken with their problems, can give courage to move on step by step?

So when people can show their face, when people can stand by themselves and their illness, when people can show without fear and shame that they are much more than just their diagnoses – then we start to focus our attention on mental health. Then we have managed to ensure that people with mental illness can participate in the same way as people with a physical illness. Then we will manage to end the stigmatization.

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