Online self-help


You are looking for a self-help group, but there is none near you or you don’t dare to go there? You would like to exchange information with others who have similar psychological challenges?

Our self-help forum offers you the opportunity to exchange ideas with other sufferers, relatives and experts – simply from the comfort of your own home. And this in a “protected” space – not like in an open forum on the Internet or in Facebook groups.

The Self-Help Forum


The exchange takes place in protected “rooms”. The communication between moderators – who are often (former) sufferers – and users takes place on a one-to-one basis. Thus we create a non-public forum for users to exchange information. Facebook groups and the like are not protected spaces and pose a significant data protection problem. We guarantee anonymity and data protection. No one has access to your data and forums except yourself and the moderators you talk to.

Only our administrators from Mutmachleute e.V. randomly check the forums for abuse and follow up on reported cases.

You want to exchange 1:1?


This is how it works: Register here: The forum for courage people. Once you have been activated by our administrators, you can set up your user profile and then select one or more forums. These are offered to you by already registered moderators and experts. Now you can open a topic and exchange ideas with the moderators.

You would like to offer your own forum on a certain topic as a moderator?


Please write us a short request with a few details about who you are and in which area you would like to work as a moderator. If you have already written a contribution for the Mutmachleute, just tell us about it, then we already have some information from you. The contact address is forum (at) – we will get back to you as soon as possible.


All important information and help as well as frequently asked questions can be downloaded here as a PDF:

Bedienung des Kontrollzentrums, erste Schritte

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Private Konversationen und Adminkontakt

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Sponsored by the AOK: The Mutmachleute e.V. would like to thank the AOK for the financial support of the Mutmachleute Forum. Within the framework of this support, the non-profit association can finance the IT, hosting and other external costs.

Mutmachleute e.V. is a member of the Network for Self-Help Friendliness and Patient Orientation in Health Care, c/o NAKOS, National Contact and Information Center for the Stimulation and Support of Self-Help Groups. The Mutmachleute self-help forum is listed at the GREEN ADDRESSES of the self-help internet forums of NAKOS.