Our expertise. Impact.


Measuring the impact of social and societal work: a challenging matter for all those involved in the social field.

Social and/or societal impacts are changes in target groups (individuals, groups of people, organizations) that are reached by certain offers, programs, measures or services.

A social or societal impact occurs only when the target group acquires new knowledge or acquires new skills, the target group changes its actions or attitudes as a result of the newly acquired knowledge or skills, the target group rises socially and raises its standard of living.


How does the work of Mutmachleute e.V. work?


Target groups acquire new knowledge or skills

We inform the public about mental illness through various channels and media, educate and raise awareness about the topic.

We help those affected and their relatives to feel more self-efficacy again and encourage them to stand by themselves, to find their own resources and to express their wishes to their own environment and to society.


Target groups change their actions and attitudes as a result of the newly acquired knowledge or skills.

Mentally ill people and relatives find new courage through our presence in the media and in the analog space. You see: I am not alone, it affects so many people. The mere fact that others show their faces to us and talk about their experiences shows them that there is no need to be ashamed of a mental illness or a sick relative.

Many are coming out of their shame and their shadowy existence more and more. Every day we receive feedback from people who have not regretted taking this step and are now open about their challenges. When we are on the road on our tour, we get so many wonderful stories and feedback. And every time we know: If we reach so many people, there can be many more.

Target group can move up socially and raise their standard of living.

We encourage people to seek professional help and self-help services. In acute crisis situations, it can be difficult to get help promptly, as waiting times for therapy places are long and branches are scarce. We provide assistance within the framework of the self-help offer (online forum) and the reference to other offers w.e.g. Rettungsring e.V. (Rescuering)

To dare to use professional help, if possible, in order to regain more quality of life in the course of the therapeutic work is crucial for the recovery path, then more participation is possible again – in all relevant areas.



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