Team #Mutmachleute

Johannes Meffert

Executive Board.

Andreas Dasser

Executive Director.

Maximilian Laufer


Tina Meffert

Board representative. Communication. Marketing.

Birgit Hildebrand

Social Media. National subdivision Baden-Württemberg.

Eva Lietz

National subdivision Niedersachsen.

Maria Litfin-Kleinitzke

National subdivision Thüringen.

Martin Fankhauser

Subdivision Swiss. Fotograf. Mental Health Activist.

Simon Gall

National subdivision Bavaria. Speaker.

Mutmachleute is a registered non-profit association!


The #Mutmachleute have been a registered non-profit association since 7 August 2018 and can now call themselves Mutmachleute e.V.!

We see the foundation of a non-profit association as an opportunity to keep the project alive in the long term and to continuously increase public awareness. Achieving this goal, especially in the short-lived nature of the internet, requires a lot of work and commitment.

In order to get into the focus of a broad public – and thus to transport our message – we plan campaign measures. This includes, among other things, the production of campaign-supporting and easy-to-distribute short films that are both educational and exemplary and are intended to remove fears of contact. We already have many ideas for our projects, but not all of them can be realised through commitment alone. Therefore, we are dependent on donations, especially since we want to continue to do without any commercial advertising.

If you would like to support the Mutmachleute e.V., you can find all the information here. According to the exemption certificate of the tax office Fürstenfeldbruck dated 30.09.2022, we are entitled to issue donation receipts.


Excerpt from our statutes: §2 Purpose of the association

(…) The purpose of the association is the promotion of public health.

The purpose of the statutes is realised through, on the one hand, education about mental illness by those affected, relatives and experts and, on the other hand, through measures to combat stigma and social exclusion due to mental illness, because stigmatisation and discrimination of people with mental illness can only arise from ignorance and fear of contact. Particularly on the platform and in the associated social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), affected people, relatives, experts and celebrities describe their experiences in a positive way and encourage people to deal with mental illness. The aim is also to attract the attention of a broad public in order to contribute to the destigmatisation of mental illness. The statutory purpose is supported by means of print, film and other digital media.

The association works selflessly; it does not primarily pursue its own economic purposes. (…)



Johannes Meffert – Board of Directors

Andreas Dasser – Managing Director

Tina Meffert – representative of the board

Anna Starks-Sture – representative of the board

Tobias Heß – Treasurer

Anna Sophia Feuerbach – Honorary Member

Birgit Hildebrand – Honorary Member

Cornelia Laufer – Honorary Member

Eva Lietz – Honorary Member

Dr. Frank Hauser – Honorary Member

Katharina Hoffmann – Honorary Member

Maria Litfin-Kleinitzke – Honorary Member

Martin Fankhauser – Honorary Member

Maximilian Laufer – Honorary Member

Michael Perlinger – Honorary Member

Simon Gall – Honorary Member

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