Donations for the #Mutmachleute


We #Mutmachleute work mainly on a voluntary and part-time basis. Nevertheless, we rely on donations to help us provide our free services on a permanent basis.

Note: According to the exemption notice of 30.09.2022 of the tax office Fürstenfeldbruck, we are entitled to issue donation receipts.


One-time donation or permanent donation by bank transfer / standing order

Bank account details:
Mutmachleute e.V.
IBAN: DE50700932000002315220
VR-Bank Starnberg

Send a donation receipt, if desired.


Standing order and admission to the circle of supporters of the Mutmachleute e.V.

We accept persons who support us on a permanent basis into our circle of supporters. This does not constitute membership with the associated rights and obligations and, in contrast to membership, there is no obligation to pay membership fees.
Participants in the support group pay a monthly donation of 15 EUR, for which they receive a collective donation receipt at the end of the year. Participation in the Förderkreis can be terminated at any time by cancelling the standing order. Upon request, we offer the following for this group of people:

– Naming of the sponsors on the homepage
– Advance information on planned projects
– Survey on planned projects

Please use the bank details above and inform us in any case by email (spenden AT that you want to support the #Mutmachleute permanently.


Donate via paypal

Via our paypal account you can use all common payment methods (credit card, instant bank transfer, etc.). Please take into account that in contrast to the options offered above, there are unfortunately costs for the association. These are 1.5% of the donated amount + 0.35 EUR (as of May 2018).


Note: According to the assessment notice of 30.09.2022 of the tax office Fürstenfeldbruck we are entitled to issue donation receipts.
For donations up to 300,- EUR the tax office often recognizes the booking confirmation of the credit institution, i.e. deposit slip, bank statement or paypal transaction. If you do not provide us with your address, we understandably cannot send you a donation receipt.
We are happy to answer all further questions via email: spenden AT



If the non-profit organization Mutmachleute e.V. is included in your will, the associated financial support helps us to continue our work effectively and also ensures that the organization can plan for the future. We at Mutmachleute e.V. and all committed volunteers are of course aware of the sensitivity of this topic. We would therefore like to provide you here with some initial information on the subject of wills/gifts/bequests in favor of Mutmachleute e.V.

Some aspects worth knowing:

• As a non-profit organization, Mutmachleute e.V. is exempt from gift and inheritance tax. The donation is received by the association on a one-to-one basis.

• You can save tax if you make a gift during your lifetime: If you transfer assets “with a warm hand” to Mutmachleute e.V., you will receive a donation receipt that you can claim in your income tax return.

• It is also possible to transfer assets and real estate during your lifetime, but reserve the use of a property or income until the end of your life or the end of the life of another person.

• Anyone who supports a particular project with a gift during their lifetime can still enjoy it together with us – and our great appreciation of the commitment to our volunteers!

We cordially invite you: Get to know us! Get an idea of us and our daily work for yourself! We are a small, dedicated team that is happy to take time for you.


Support our association with your next online purchase

Charity shopping gives you the opportunity to support us financially without donating your own money. A certain percentage of your purchase value will be donated to the association – at no extra cost or effort for you. This is possible at the following stores: