Our flyer about the project #Mutmachleute can be downloaded here

Our #Mutmachleute poster can be downloaded as

Our flyer for the self-help forum can be downloaded
PDF here.

From left to right: Dr. Frank Hauser, Johannes Meffert, Tobias Hess, Katharina Hoffmann, Maximilian Laufer, Andreas Dasser, Tina Meffert, Cornelia Laufer, Anna Starks-Sture with the youngest mutmachkind and Michael Perlinger. Tanja Heusmann is missing from the photo.

Photo for free use for the press.


In the run-up to the award ceremony “Der Grüne Wanninger” in the
Süddeutsche Zeitung,
editor Carolin Fries wrote a very nice article about the project #Mutmachleute. We are very happy about this!

The Bavarian Association of The Relatives of the Mentally Sick has issued a #Mutmachleute

article. When we talk about the destigmatisation of mental illness or temporary mental illness– long overdue in society – we should also pay attention to relatives. I write about this in the association magazine. The PDF can be downloaded here and the entire issue (June 2020) on the homepage of the association.

As a contribution to the education on chronic diseases, a supplement will be published today, 26 June 2020 in Die Welt, in which we are taking the topic of mental illness out of the shadows. The team of #mutmachleute

is pleased about this wonderful opportunity to break the taboo topic with broad media effectiveness.

From the publishing house Mediaplanet. Click here for the online edition.

reports on the award ceremony “Der Grüne Wanninger 2019” in today’s edition!

On the page “Your head fullof questions ” of the Action Alliance Mental Health you will find an article about the Mutmachleute self-help forum.

An interview with Tina Meffert on the project #Mutmachleute was published in
the magazine Tassilo
(july/August 2019 edition).

Martha Pany is the editor of the courageous podcast “Hope Helps Heal.”

Last week (23/11/2019) Tina Meffert was a guest on Martha’s podcast. Thank you at this point, dear Martha, for a wonderful conversation!

The MedSpecialists portal is a network of experts and has been developed in close cooperation with doctors from a wide range of different disciplines. The aim is to provide patients with high-quality information on medical topics and treatments and to introduce experts from the network with regard to their medical activities. We thank the editors for a very nice and Med Specialists about the #Mutmachleute on the page on the project #Mutmachleute.

The kreisbote informs and reports on 11.12.2019 about our #Mutmachleute
self-help forum
. We are very happy about the placement of the article on page 1 of the newspaper!

Click here for the full

Psychology Today 4/2020
(title topic: “My wonder point”) we are happy about a little hint to our Mutmachleute self-help forum!

Our project was presented #Mutmachleute in the patient magazine NTC Impulse

(quarter 4/2018). We are proud that we can inform the public about the press. The full article can be found here.

On February 27, 2019, Max and Tina were invited to Radio Lora. Erika Schalper had questions for the #Mutmachleute, listening to FM 92.4.

In the weekend edition 23/24 March 2019 an article appeared in the
Munich Mercury
about the association Mutmachleute e.V. in the context of the awarding of the Lions Social Prize 2019 (prize money for voluntary activities). We are looking forward to seeing if we are shortlisted for the prize.

On March 14, 2019, we presented the project #Mutmachleute in the talk show “Word Change in Purple”.

At the Munich Creative Nite on January 17, 2019, we presented the creative development process of Anna, Max and Tina for the project #Mutmachleute. The time of the project’s creation and development period was between autumn 2017 and culminated in the end of January 2018.

The #Mutmachleute page went online on January 26, 2018.

An interview with Tina Meffert, co-founder of the #Mutmachleute, was published in the
(issue 8/2019).

The project #Mutmachleute was presented at the
Munich Mercury
on 11 July 2018. We are proud that we can inform the public about the press!

A small article about our campaign appeared in the Munich Medical Advertisements.

In particular, we are appealing to the experts and experts to join the #mutmachleuten. Published in issue 4 (2018), Jg. 106

The Munich Medical Advertisements are a 14-day, high-edition medical journal, traditionally called “Rosa Blättchen” by physicians and clinicians in the greater Munich area. The publisher is the Medical District and District Association of Munich.

In the
(The Anxiety Journal – The Self-Help Journal for Anxiety Disorders) our project was briefly presented #Mutmachleute. Published in issue 23rd year (2018), issue I.

The daz is the magazine of the DEUTSCHE ANGST-SELBSTHILFE (DASH). It provides information about forms of anxiety, therapies and self-help options, provides background information, practical tips, testimonials, addresses, appointments and much more. The sponsor of the German Fear Self-Help is the Angsthilfe e.V., a non-profit self-help institution for people who suffer from fears and their subsequent diseases.

On February 21, 2018, a post about our Kampage appeared on page 3 in the Starnberger Kreisbote. And at number 1 of the daily edition of the homepage!

In January 2018, the project #Mutmachleute went online. Our first article appeared that day, just in time for the launch.

The Miles magazine

published our first press article and helped us to get our first attention!

In the magazine DIE BRÜCKE (2018) a small tip for the project #Mutmachleute appeared.

The Starnberg Mercury reported on June 25, 2019 for the awarding of the Lions Social Prize to the #Mutmachleute.