Courage to the group in psychotherapy!

Name: Sonja Schmalen

Vintage: 1984

Therapy and assistance offers: Platform for nationwide placement for group psychotherapy


What prejudices or misconceptions exist in society about group therapy?

Many people have a great skepticism about group therapy as a form of therapy. Group therapy is as effective as individual therapy.

Scientific studies show a comparable effectiveness of individual and group psychotherapy. This is not surprising, as people generally develop their personality and skills in groups and relationships with other people (such as in family, partnership or with colleagues). It makes perfect sense, therefore, to discuss problems in a group as well.

Group therapy allows contact with people who are in a similar life situation with whom one can exchange ideas.

“The topics of the fellow patients always address their own topics. Almost all of my patients would choose a group again, although there is often scepticism at the beginning,” explains Stefan Hofele, A Psychological Psychotherapist from Cologne.


What are the most helpful factors of the group??

Often, the waiting time for a place in the group is considerably less. Rapid treatment can better counteract the progression of the disease.

  • You get feedback not only from the therapeutic professional, but also from the group members.
  • You get understanding and support for the life situation and get support and emotional stability.
  • Through the guided exchange with people in similar life situations, everyone learns from each other.
  • There are therapeutic factors that do not exist in individual settings. The group dynamics support recovery.

Everyone likes to know the saying “shared suffering is half suffering” and “equal and equal” likes to be.
These sayings fit very well with study results of the effectiveness of group psychotherapy.


How do I find a group?

Our website helps searchers find a group – and supports psychotherapists in their organization. The platform aims to increase the group’s share of outpatient care for the mentally ill, including by improving communication and organizing the various actors.

A big advantage: Psychotherapists can directly specify group appointments, vacancies and possible waiting times. A perimeter search allows searchers to easily find group offers in their vicinity and to digitally contact each other. The time-consuming calls to therapy times and vacancies are eliminated on both sides.

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