Paranoid schizophrenia: Giving up is a foreign word for me!

Person concerned: Andreas Abstreiter

Year of birth: 1968

Diagnosis: Paranoid schizophrenia (incl. manic-depressive), residual end-stage.

Therapies: Behavioural therapy, occupational therapy, day clinic

Resources: Reading, listening to a lot of music, sports, listening well, reliability


How and when did you find out about your illness?

In October 1988 after I had been in a psychiatric ward from the beginning of August 1988 until mid-October.


Why did you decide to show your face now?

Through the lecture (start of the tour 01/23) of the courage people.


How did your environment react when it found out about your illness, and how would you like your environment (and society) to deal with your illness?

I have felt like an outsider for almost 35 years. People make me feel like a second-class person. My doctors and therapists help me a lot.


What things have helped you the most to accept the disease?

My Dr. Neubach from Canada, who unfortunately died of cancer at the age of 52 (approx. 2005); Dr. Niederschweiberer, Dr. Thoma, Mrs. Kühn, Mrs. Beck, Mrs. Hiltl and Dr. Radloff, Dr. Heuschneider/Dr. Blumenstein, Dr. Gerke/Dr. Börner, Dr. Haselbeck, Dr. Gabrecht, Mr. Obermair, my optics and last but not least THE MOST IMPORTANT THING MUSIC. My family. Telephone counselling. Stehauf Mensch.


What resources do you use in crisis situations?

Telephone counselling, psychiatry, conversations with my wife and therapists. Escape into music. Writing.


What would you like to pass on to others affected by suicide?

Giving up/suicide is not an option. Seek help and you will find it.

Get help from the “telephone counselling service” or similar institutions.


What would you like to tell other relatives? How can they best help you (on the one hand) and themselves (on the other)?

Don’t be afraid, because mentally ill people are also very valuable people. Just be open with each other. “Break down walls”. Build yourself up and never give up, if you fall down, always get up again.


What makes up your character and what quality do you value most about yourself?

I am honest, can listen with my “eye”, am consistent, write a lot about my life, flexible and am a passionate salesman music listener and work extremely hard on myself and go in sports / running regularly.

Am totally open minded and a very communicative person. Accept help & support. See priceless moments.