Mutmachleute in Zeiten von Corona

Giving courage in times of Corona

Dear people of courage,

during this special time, we wish you to take good care of yourself and those around you. For all of us, the avoidance of contact, the isolation and the worries about health are a great challenge. This is especially true for people affected by mental health issues.

However, there are offers of help on the net. For example, we at Mutmachleute e.V. offer our self-help forum (yet only in german), where you can exchange ideas. Especially now, the exchange between sufferers or sufferers with experts is particularly valuable and helpful.

The Deutsche Depressionshilfe also offers a free tool, for example. Some therapists offer therapy sessions by telephone. Last but not least, thanks to the Internet, we can continue to exchange ideas with family, friends or colleagues, and there are now many sports or meditation offers online.

Unfortunately, there are also people who are less connected and perhaps particularly isolated in their unwanted home office. If you know of such people, seek contact with them. Maybe now is the right time to call an old school friend or drop a note in the mailbox of the elderly lady next door with an offer of help.

Either way, the feeling of solidarity can also be healing in these times. In times of Corona, we grow together again. Don’t look the other way, help when you are doing well yourself and look for help when you are not doing so well! Everybody is allowed to ask for help if it is possible.

You are not alone – together we can do it.

Stay healthy!

Your courage people team